Nina Ricci returns to Dollywood for
HarvestFest 2022

September 23rd-October 29th


Nina will be performing far, far away...
August 7-13th, Town Square Patio 

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Nina Ricci will perform McCreary's Irish Pub & Eatery
414 Main St, Franklin, TN 37064

February 29th, 2022 7-9pm

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Nina performed at the Ringgold Depot Opry, Ringgold, GA

June 11th, 2022

Ringgold Depot Opry Jun 13_edited.jpg

Photo taken by Jon McCullough

Nina performed at 1890's Days Jamboree, Ringgold, GA

May 28th, 2022

1890s Days Jamboree.jpg

Nina Ricci to perform in the Kansas City Folk Festival

May 22, 2022

Nina Ricci Kansas City Folk Festival.jpeg

Nina Ricci performs at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO April 14th-30th

Nina Ricci at Silver Dollar City


Nina Ricci to perform with Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales 4-day St. Patrick's Day Festival in downtown Gatlinburg

March 16th-19th

St. Patrick's Day_Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci performs onstage at
Sertoma Thanksgiving 
Bluegrass Festival

November 25th and 27th, 2021

Nina Ricci_Sertoma Thanksgiving Bluegrass Festival.HEIC

Nina was a last-minute addition to the lineup to the Sertoma Thanksgiving Bluegrass Festival!
The festival's weekend lineup included The Grascals, Mile Twelve, Midnight Run, Special Consensus, The Little Roy and Lizzie Show, Danny Paisley& The Southern Grass, Henhouse Prowlers, Remington Ryde, Born Lonesome, Mark Miklos, Southern Express Bluegrass, and Rekindled Bits of Grass.

Festival presented by Mitch Lind Entertainment

Nina Ricci appears on The Blue Plate Special 

October 30th, 2021

Nina performed a set of songs for Knoxville's Blue Plate Special on WDVX. 

Nina Ricci at The Blue-plate Special.HEIC

Nina Ricci mentioned in Dollywood's
"What's Happening" Newsletter


Nina Ricci to perform in Dollywood's Harvest Fest September 24th - October 30th.

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Nina has been hired to work as a performer at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Nina Ricci returns to Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales as
"Nina from Nashville"

June 28th - July 31st

Nina Ricci performs nightly Gatlinburg as a wandering minstrel with Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales. Tunes & Tales is a program produced by the city of Gatlinburg to say "Thank You" to tourists for coming to visit the city, and to spread joy and music to all who heard the mountain call and came!

Photo by Get Noticed Music Photography

Old song, new rendition,

Released May 30th, 2021

In 2019, when Nina was on tour and simultaneously researching and learning songs for her tribute to Joan Baez, she met a DJ, Mark Gilson from WRFG radio station in Atlanta. He had just interviewed Frank Hamilton, a folksinger, music educator, and founder of the Frank Hamilton School in Decatur, GA. At that time, he was tributing Pete Seeger on the anniversary of his birthday. Knowing Mr. Hamilton had been acquainted with Joan Baez, Mr. Gilson recommended being in touch with Frank, and in the gracious spirit of the folk tradition, she was invited to visit the school and even to participate in a Hootenanny! In later conversation, Nina mentioned she had recorded several additional tracks, including "Lowlands;" to which Frank responded, "I taught that song to Odetta in a stairwell at the Gate of Horn (Chicago)!

Nina releases "Donna Donna" Music Video

Radio Recognition

This is the most-played track from each of the top 100 recent albums December 2020 - April 2021 for DJ Dan Murphy's radio shows: The Acoustic Outpost, Folk Frontier

12-11-20 78 House of the Rising Sun         Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute

12-18-20  87 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


12-25-20  87 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


01-08-21  51 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


01-15-21  10 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


01-22-21  75 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute

01-29-21   41 House of the Rising Sun       Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


02-05-21  15 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


02-12-21  36 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


02-19-21   29 House of the Rising Sun       Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute

03-05-21  6 House of the Rising Sun          Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


03-12-21  32 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


03-19-21  66 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


03-26-21  49 House of the Rising Sun        Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


04-02-21    85 House of the Rising Sun      Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute


04-09-21    31 House of the Rising Sun      Nina Ricci                     Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute

Nina Ricci and her mother, Teresa,
to be featured on Prairie Public Radio
March 7th, 2021
5pm Central

The Great American Folk Show is a little place on the radio where we commune with you to share stories, sing songs, and talk to some good people with great voices.

Sunday, March 7: In Episode 11, host Tom Brosseau is joined by musician Sarah Morrau; Musician Clinton Davis; Michael Patrick F. Smith, author of “The Good Hand;” Musicians Nina Ricci and Teresa Ricci; and singer-songwriter Quinn DeVeaux. Plus, Notes from the Badlands with Joe Wiegand.

The show is written, recorded, and hosted by folksinger and songwriter Tom Brosseau, announced by Joe Wiegand, produced by Prairie Public Broadcasting. Original instrumentation by Burkum Boys. Additional music by Sean Watkins. Special flyer design by DLT

How to Listen


Live In The Library: Nina Ricci


Nina Ricci is a folksinger and songwriter whose first album pays tribute to folk music legend Joan Baez.  Listen to her performance - and her conversation with Richard Winham - recorded live downtown at The Chattanooga Public Library.

Listen to the complete archived show online!

Nina Ricci on "Scenic Roots" with Richard Winham on WUTC Radio


Nina Ricci recorded 5 songs at the Chattanooga Public Library which has partnered with Tennessee State University Chattanooga which has partnered with the library. Her songs and interview aired on "Scenic Roots" radio show, hosted by Richard Winham on Friday, December 4th, 2020. Songs engineered by Sam Mentzer.

You can listen to the show in the archive at

Brooklands Radio DJ Alex Nairn interviews Nina Ricci on his show "Brooklands Country"

"That young lady is so unique! She is nice as she is talented!" ~Alex Nairn

Nina Ricci's Joan Baez tribute reviewed by Historias del Blues

Translated: "In 2019, the legendary Joan Baez announced her farewell tour, after 60 years of music career. Singer Nina Ricci, whose sound was inspired by Baez's music, decided that a nice gesture would be to pay tribute to her. This is how 'Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute' was born, an album in which Nina Ricci performs the 13 songs from Joan Baez's debut album plus a song composed in her honor.


This album follows the order of Baez's first album and the songs are faithful redemptions of the originals. The timbre of the voice, the vibrato and the interpretation of the guitar are very similar, although Nina Ricci puts something of her personality in several of them. Nina Ricci discovered Joan Baez on the soundtrack of the movie Forrest Gump. With 'Blowin’ in the Wind,' the Nashville singer opened her eyes to her career as a singer-songwriter, debuting with the album“ Designs On Me in 2018, an original work full of folk, country, and blues.


Coincidentally, Nina Ricci and Joan Baez took their first musical steps on the same stage: Club Mt. Auburn 47 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, now called Club Passim. Like the famous folk star, Nina Ricci has built her career in small cafes and university spaces."

Click here to read the article from the website. 

Nina's New Single,

"Goodbye Sandals, Hello Boots"

hits radio!

Already, "Goodbye Sandals, Hello Boots" is hitting the airwaves in the US, Canada, and the UK. 

"The I, The IV, and The V" - Greg Priddy - WJCU; "Power Folk," “Mostly Folk,” & “The Catskills Cafe" - Artie Martello; “Booklands Country” - Alex Nairn - Brooklands Radio; “Along the Tracks” - Neil King - Blues and Roots Radio; "Acoustic Routes" - Dave Chamberlain - Blues and Roots Radio; “Americana Central Time” - George Hamilton - WKRN/WKOM; "It’s For Folks" - Ken Nagelberg - WHYR-FM; "The Local Brew" Ana Lee - 89.5FM WMOT; "Folk Talk” - Rik Palieri - WBTV Burlington; "Alternative Roots” - Mike Davies - BRUM Radio; “What the Folk Is That” - Gary Hazlehurst - Stafford FM; "Radio Nowhere “ - Joltin’ Joe - WSMC 90.3 FM; "From Texas and Beyond" - Lochlann Green - KA Radio; “Womenspace"- Carolyn VandeWiele - WFHB; "Folk and Acoustic Music” - Michael Stock- WLRN; “Serendipity" - John Sillberg - CKOL; "Folk Music Notebook" - Ron Olesko


Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute charts on Folk Alliance International radio chart

TOP Albums of September 2020

46. 'Fare Thee Well: A Tribute to Joan Baez' by Nina Ricci

At it again... Nina Ricci and her mom, Teresa, at Beaird Music Group

recording new single:

"Goodbye Sandals, Hello Boots"


Nina Ricci Interview on Traditions with Ron Olesko

August 23rd, 2020, Folk radio show TRADITIONS aired an interview with Ron Olesko and Nina Ricci on "Folk Music Notebook" and WFDU-FM in New Jersey. Ron and Nina discussed the details of her release of

Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute.

Nina Ricci selected to perform at New Jersey Folk Festival 2020


Nina has been selected as a winner in the New Jersey Folk Festival's "New Direction's In Folk" contest and will appear on the Shore Stage at this year's festival on April 25th, 2020


Recording begins Dec. 30th at

Jump Dog Audio Productions

On Monday, Nina will begin recording a tribute to folksinger Joan Baez, who is retiring this year having performed for 60 years. Nina is re-inventing her 1960 debut album Joan Baez which consists of 13 tracks, most of which are traditional folk ballads. Nina looked up to Ms. Baez's musicianship when she began listening to her recordings as a young teenager. Nina became interested in folk singing herself and began performing traditional folk songs alongside her original music, introducing new audiences to these historic and beautiful songs. Nina has arranged the songs for this album with her own artistic sensibility, and with the utmost respect for the original versions recorded by Ms. Joan Baez.


Nina Ricci opening for John McEuen of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band


Nina Ricci to perform at The North Georgia Folk Festival October, 12th 2019

The 35th Annual North Georgia Folk Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 12, 2019 at Sandy Creek Park in Athens, Georgia.  Featured performers for this years’ festival include Jonathan Byrd and his band, The Rebecca Sunshine Band, The Moonshine, Crooked Mile, Caroline Aiken Band, Joe Leone and Gypsy at Heart, The Skillet Lickers, Nina Ricci and Oh Jeremiah.

Nina Ricci performs with Carolyn Hester at YES Cinema, Columbus, IN 

Carolyn Hester - Nina Ricci.jpg

On September 26th, 2019, Nina Ricci performed in a once-in-a-lifetime concert alongside Greenwich Village folksinger, Carolyn Hester at YES Cinema in Columbus, IN. Tony Gillespie of The Southern Indiana Folk Review and The Village - Folk Music, History and Memorabilia, presented the concert. This concert was made possible by the following sponsors: Donut Central, Upland Brewing,Charwood Suites, Brunni Marketing Solutions, Voyles, and DNA. 

Nina Ricci performs 40 nights in Gatlinburg with Smoky Mountain Tunes and Tales

Nina Ricci_Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales_

Smoky Mountain Tunes & Tales returns this summer to entertain Gatlinburg visitors! Tunes & Tales is a summer-long street performance festival featuring costumed musical performers, storytellers and cloggers portraying characters from time periods as far back as the 1800s. Daily performances will be from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Nina Ricci performed on WBIR TV Channel 10 in Knoxville, TN

June 19, 2019

Nina now represents aLaska Pik, the maker of her fabulous fingerpicks, as a spokeswoman!


Press Quotes

"Her voice often sounds very similar to Dolly Parton’s, but her style is entirely her own. With power and control, she filters everything through an artist’s perspective, mixing images, colors, and emotions to create seven strong songs for Designs On Me." ~ Rhetta Akamatsu 

"She carries on stage a level of magnetic charisma that I've rarely seen equaled in my twenty-five years of teaching. Nina's focus and discipline make her impossible to ignore. I don't know what the future holds for her but watch out and hold on......Nina Ricci's the real thing and it could be mighty!.....liv taylor"

"She has that quality of making your heart melt and causing you to shiver when she hits those impossibly high notes in her pure, pure voice."

Radio DJ "MennyVee;" Jacob's Ladder Festival organizer Katzrin, Israel


"Listening Through the Lens" - "Designs On Me" mentioned in list of New Releases for March!
The Daily Country - The "Essential 8" interview.
Making A Scene - Review by Rhetta Akamatsu
Muzooka Radio Charts
ReverbNation - #6 on the Nashville, TN, US Folk Chart. 2/18/19