Nina Ricci 

"To those who follow folk music, Nina Ricci has been said to be 'reminiscent of a young Joan Baez,' and 'one of the great voices in folk music today.' John Paul White of the Civil Wars noted similarity to the doll of country music, Dolly Parton. Her characteristic vibrant long tones sustained by a hypnotic vibrato are the features of the voice of a young woman who has studied her craft. 

Nina always felt that she wanted to emerge out of the folk music world, for she believes in the value of having roots. While not solely a “traditional” singer, Nina interprets folk songs from the patchwork of the Americana quilt, giving a new voice to songs that have a seemingly never-ending life. In 2018, Nina released her debut album Designs On Me, containing 7 distinctive original songs. Nina’s own music is very personal, although not an autobiographical writer, her experiences and perspectives are made known through her storytelling. While her earlier work had a broad and impetuous feeling, Nina’s vision has matured over time and gained more understanding. Her lyricism has a poetic quality, yet has a way of coming across the table to meet audiences head-on. It’s clear in her on-stage presentation that Nina requires her audience to do more than sit back and listen, but to come with the preparation of an educated ear. She balances her songs on the neck of her polished rosewood Taylor, which she plays folk finger-style, using ProPik and aLaska fingerpicks. Having spread her wings with a new fully produced, full-band album, Nina is returning to her mainstay as a solo folksinger and songwriter this year as she continues to grow as an artist." 


Photo courtesy of Get Noticed Photography

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