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Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute

I am proud to announce that this album will be officially released on
July 31st, 2020!
Fare Thee Well: A Joan Baez Tribute is based on the 1960 self-titled album of Joan Baez featuring Nina's renditions of the original 13 tracks, and one original song, written by Nina, called,
"Club 47/Fare Thee Well, Joan.

1. Opening 2. Silver Dagger 3. East Virginia 4. Fare Thee Well 5. House of the Rising Sun 6. All My Trials 

7. Wildwood Flower 8. Donna Donna 9. John Riley 10. Rake and Rambling Boy 11. Little Moses 12. Mary Hamilton 13. Henry Martin

14. El Preso Número Nueve 1. Club 47/Fare Thee Well, Joan.

Sample the Album

01 Opening
02 Silver Dagger-[snippet]
03 East Virginia-[snippet]
04 Fare Thee Well-[snippet]
05 House of the Rising Sun-[snippet]
06 All My Trials-[snippet]
07 Wildwood Flower-[snippet]
08 Donna Donna-[snippet]
09 John Riley-[snippet]
10 Rake and Rambling Boy-[snippet]
11 Little Moses-[snippet]
12 Mary Hamilton-[snippet]
13 Henry Martin-[snippet]
14 El Preso Numero Nueve-[snippet]
15 Club 47 Fare Thee Well, Joan-[Part 1]
15 Club 47 Fare Thee Well, Joan-[Part 2]
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