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Photographed In Love

Our eyes caught glints like sunlit glass

They were a double pairing of marbles,

Four pools at odds, four corners of a square

Within, woodwinds spoke perfect speech

That human mind could pen to libretto

Some internal digger of deep caverns

Lit a fire to see by, and we, the beneficiaries of warmth

stand like statuettes torched and cooling.

In the same way canning jars are

Ready to receive contents of cinnamon apricot jam,

So was I to receive your first words

You could have spoken pleasant things

But didn’t need to

-Contentment, leveled pleasure-

I could have remained on that plain a lifetime

And I did, and I do

"Photographed In Love" by Nina Ricci ©2014 All Rights Reserved

Photo of Robert and Teresa Ricci

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